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Approved Drop In

A deformation controlled zinc plated and also A4 stainless steel anchor suitable for multiple use for non-structural applications in both cracked and non-cracked concrete and requires the use of the right setting punch to ensure correct installation.

The specific design gives flexibility of using the anchor for applications with the embedment depths greater than 30mm in solid concrete.

Internal thread suitable for bolts or threaded studs.

Fire resistance data is available on the technical data sheet.

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Part Number Thread Anchor Anchor Minimum Internal
Diameter Hole Size Length Hole Depth Thread Length
- mm mm mm mm mm
Zinc Plated
ADBM08 M8 10 30 30 13
ADBM10 M10 12 40 40 15
ADBM12 M12 15 50 50 18
ADBM16 M16 20 65 65 23
Stainless Steel A4/316
DSSM06 M6 8 30 30 13
DSSM08 M8 10 30 30 13
DSSM10 M10 12 40 40 15
DSSM12 M12 15 50 50 18
DSSM16 M16 20 65 65 23
Drop In Anchor Setting Punches
Part Number Suitable For
DZSP10 M10
DZSP12 M12
DZSP16 M16
DZSP20 M20